Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tueday's Tech Tip

Happy Tuesday!
This Tuesday is going to be a computer tip or a "tech tip". Some of you might think this one is really lame. If you do, it's ok just skip it and wait for something more exciting tomorrow :). I was reading the other day about using Firefox vs. Internet Explorer (IE) for Internet browsing. In the past, I had always used IE without giving it much thought. I do still use IE sometimes, mostly just out of habit. I am not saying IE is "bad" but it is now a known fact that IE has many more virus attacks, for instance.

For me, I prefer Firefox. You can easily download the Firefox browser here:


Again, there are many different browsers and everyone has their favorite but I think Firefox is a little 'smarter' and a little safer than the IE browser.

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  1. I use firefox too. I also use IE at work because I have more then one yahoo account and you can't have them all open at the same time so I open one in IE and one in firefox and another on another computer. lol it works.