Monday, January 10, 2011

Tip of the Day

Happy Monday! I couldn't think of any witty saying for Monday so, it's just "tip of the day". 

Today's tip is super simple but it works every time. Just this morning, I went to get some brown sugar for my oatmeal and the brown sugar was hard as a rock--ick. Then, I remembered an article I wrote a few years ago about how to soften brown sugar. This trick works every time even on the most rock-hard brown sugar! So, here's your little tip of the day:

*note: many of the articles I have been sharing I wrote in my 'early days' of eHow writing-they are not great quality as I knew nothing about writing what so ever but they are accurate and, we can't change them now so please excuse the quality of writing and just extract the tips from them :).


  1. Sweet, I know exactly what to do tomorrow with my rock hard brown sugar that I keep at work when we want to have oatmeal in the morn but we can't have brown sugar on it because it's a rock. Thank you.

  2. What a cool trick! Thanks! It also helps to put a piece of bread in your cookie jar to keep your cookies from getting hard!