Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Since I haven't posted in several days, I am going to 'make up' for it with several good tips and links :).

First, I want to tell you about one of the BEST, CHEAPEST and most natural cleaning products to clean with:  Baking Soda!

I know some of you use baking soda already but if you don't, you should! There is no reason to spend any money on Comet or whatever you use to clean your sinks--baking soda works wonders!

Also, did you know Baking Soda can put out grease fires? It can. And best of all, it won't damage the way chemicals from a fire extinguisher will.

Also, baking soda can sooth burns, polish silverware, clean burned on food from pans and much more! Really, it is pretty amazing stuff! The only down side is you do have to rise well and dry in order for it not to leave a white film.

Here is a link with tons of great tips:

Another great cleaner that is cheap: Vinegar! I keep several spray bottles 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water on hand to clean pretty much everything.

*Note: you will smell a vinegar smell for a few minutes after cleaning. This smell goes away completely once it is dry. If it bothers you, add a couple drops of essential oil to your cleaning solutions.

Here is a great link for ideas:

The link above also has ideas for vinegar and baking soda together; which is super powerful to clean pretty much anything!

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  1. Oh yes...I use ONLY baking soda for all my cleaning...and vinegar as well. I cannot have those smelling disinfectants around...so baking soda and vinegar are IT...and it sure does the job.

    thanks for the links.