Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secret #1

                         "Ding,ding, ding!" We hit 25 followers-thank you!!

 Secret #1 (with a bonus tip at the end)

This is a place I have worked for and because I am not currently working for them, I can give you the scoop. When I was working for them, I kept it on the major "down low" as there are a limited number of local shops. This is a site for "Secret shopping" and/ or merchandisers. The pay may seem low at first but if you time your shops right, you can make decent money and you get free food and you get to go to the movies free too! The only reason I stopped doing this was because I have a lot of other projects going on with writing.  When I was working for them, I always got paid and had no problems with them at all. This is totally legit and a lot of fun!

Bonus tip: Apply to the "blue portal" if you want to do retail stores and fast food chains and apply to the "purple portal" if you want to do movie theaters and/or stock promotional material for various stores. You can apply to both as well.

Once we hit 50 followers, I will give out another secret...


  1. Souinds good...will check it out!


  2. I am going to try this. Thank you. Kim

  3. I think this requires going somewhere to do the shop, is that correct?

  4. Actually Kim, you go to the shops that you choose (stores, fast food chains, movie theaters and so on) you get paid back for any purchases you make plus you make whatever the shop pays as well.

  5. Ok, thank you. That ok with me, just wanted to be sure of what it was. BTW I found you from Angie.